Maintaining Your Hydroponic Garden

The One Thing No Hydroponic Gardener Tells You About How Often to Change Hydroponic Water

how often to change hydroponic water

According to Mark, a hydroponic farmer, “You should change your hydroponic water every one to two weeks, but it’s not that simple. Many factors influence change times.”  I’ve learned through trial and error that system size, plant types, and growth rates impact nutrient usage.  It’s best to monitor your water quality with an EC meter … Read more

Chill Out: Learn How to Keep Hydroponics Cool

how to keep hydroponics cool

According to hydroponics expert Dr. Green, “one effective way to keep hydroponics cool is to use a combination of proper ventilation and shading techniques. Good air circulation and the strategic placement of shade cloth can help maintain optimal temperatures for plant growth.” Hydroponics is a fascinating method of growing plants without soil, but keeping the … Read more