Review: Best Commercial Hydroponic Kits

Hey there gardeners and plant lovers! Are you looking to grow your plants in a new way? Then hydroponics might be for you.

As an expert in all things green and growing, let me share my personal story about the best commercial hydroponic kits.

When I first heard about hydroponics, I thought it sounded way too complicated.

But after taking a tour of a hydroponic farm, I was amazed! Growing plants without soil looked like magic.

I saw tomatoes as big as softballs and lettuce as crisp as an autumn morning.

Right then, I knew I had to try hydroponics myself.

After tons of research, some hilarious failures (my cat still won’t go near the basement) and help from farmer friends, I discovered the secret to hydroponic success – having the right kit!

With these kits, hydroponics goes from tricky to totally simple.

Even a black-thumb like me can grow giant, gorgeous plants indoors all year long.

Intrigued? Keep reading to discover the best commercial hydroponic kits that will turn anyone into a hydro expert!


What are commercial hydroponic kits?

Commercial hydroponic kits are comprehensive systems designed for large-scale indoor farming operations.

These kits include all the necessary components and technologies to efficiently grow crops in nutrient-rich water solutions, enabling businesses to achieve high yields and consistent quality.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Commercial Hydroponic Kit

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Are you looking to start growing produce commercially without soil? Then you definitely need an industrial-scale hydroponic system.

But with so many options out there, how do you choose? As an ag-tech specialist, let me share the key factors I tell newcomers to consider.

First, think about the scale you want to grow at.

Will this be a small urban farm or large commercial operation? The system size needs to match your goals.

Also consider your space – a vertical system may maximize yield in a greenhouse while a horizontal bed layout can work better outdoors.

Next, weigh the crop type you want to grow.

Leafy greens do great in raft or NFT systems while vining plants like tomatoes need more anchoring.

And fruiting crops tend to thrive best in deep water culture buckets.

Match the system to the plants!

You’ll also need to calculate the water and electricity requirements for running the system.

Make sure your site can supply ample power and water flow.

And don’t forget budget – consider ongoing costs for system maintenance too.

There are lots of factors when selecting a commercial hydroponic system.

But taking the time to match your goals, space, crops, and resources will ensure hydroponic success! Let those big beautiful plants grow!

INTBUYING Commercial Hydroponic 36 Sites

Product Overview

Want an easy way to grow bountiful fruits, veggies and herbs without getting your hands dirty? Check out the INTBUYING Commercial Hydroponic 36 Sites Grow Kit.

This complete hydroponic system lets you cultivate up to 36 plants at once indoors or out.

All you need is water, nutrients and light – no soil required!

The kit includes 4 durable PVC-U plastic pipes, each with 36 holes spaced 3 inches apart.

Insert the included net pots into the holes and fill with growing media to plant seeds or seedlings.

The food-grade pipes connect to a water pump that circulates nutrient solution from a reservoir (sold separately).

As the water flows through, roots stay perfectly hydrated.

A full-spectrum LED grow light (also sold separately) provides the bright light plants need to thrive.

And the system’s vertical design saves space while yielding up to 36 crops like leafy greens, tomatoes, herbs and more! With easy DIY assembly, this INTBUYING hydroponic kit is great for beginners and experts alike.

Keep reading for all the details on growing an indoor edible oasis!


The INTBUYING Commercial Hydroponic 36 Sites Grow Kit includes:

  • 4 white PVC-U plastic grow pipes (2.5” diameter, 32.5” long)
  • 36 net pot plant sites (1.2” diameter holes) spaced 3” apart
  • 36 plastic growing pots (1.2” x 1.7”) with slots
  • 1 water pump (110V) to circulate nutrient solution
  • 3M of plastic tubing to connect pipes
  • Spare PTFE tape for sealing connections
  • Easy instructions for DIY assembly

This vertical hydroponic system can hold up to 36 plants in a compact space.

The kit contains all parts except a reservoir and grow light which are sold separately.

With quality food-grade materials, it’s perfect for healthy, homegrown edibles!

Key Features

I love using the INTBUYING 36-Site Hydroponic System because:

  • Food-grade PVC-U pipes – Durable plastic components won’t leach chemicals into your food.
  • 36 net pots – Grow a high volume of greens, fruits, and herbs.
  • Vertical design – Save space while maximizing your harvest.
  • Water pump included – Constantly circulates and oxygenates nutrient solution.
  • Easy to assemble – Simple DIY setup even for beginners.
  • Indoor/outdoor use – Place your hydroponic garden anywhere.

With this commercial-quality kit, I can grow trays of the freshest, healthiest produce year-round. The INTBUYING system takes the guesswork out of hydroponics!

Pros and Cons

Based on my experience with this hydroponic kit, here are the PROS:

  • Food-grade, durable components
  • 36 sites for high-yield growing
  • Space-saving vertical design
  • Complete kit except reservoir & light
  • Water pump keeps nutrients circulating
  • Easy DIY assembly and use
  • Grow indoors or outdoors anytime

The only CONS to note:

  • Reservoir tank sold separately
  • Must purchase grow light separately
  • Some leakage possible if tape not used

However, these cons are easily remedied by buying the additional items. For the price, this INTBUYING hydroponic system delivers maximum quality and homegrown results!

Customer Insights

Looking at other buyer reviews, these are common comments:

“An awesome kit for starters – super easy to set up.”

“The instructions made assembly a breeze.”

“Plants grow so fast with constant water and nutrients.”

“Herbs and lettuces grew incredibly well in this system.”

“36 sites let me grow a huge variety of edibles.”

Most agree this affordable hydroponic system is very beginner-friendly and great for growing piles of healthy greens and veggies.

INTBUYING delivers outstanding quality and yield.

What’s the flaw? Is it a dealbreaker?

A couple minor flaws are that you must buy the reservoir tank and grow light separately.

However, these items are easily purchased.

And the light and tank connectors are standardized so most models will fit the kit.

Just be sure to measure the pipe diameters.

The only other issue noted is possible leaking if you don’t use the provided PTFE tape on connections.

But the tape prevents leaks perfectly.

So neither flaw is a dealbreaker, and overall this hydroponic kit provides incredible value.

What’s best for this product?

The INTBUYING 36-Site Commercial Hydroponic System is ideal for:

  • Beginners wanting an easy hydroponic setup
  • Gardeners with limited outdoor space
  • Growers desiring year-round indoor edibles
  • Hobbyists and urban farmers on a budget
  • Anyone seeking nutritious greens and veggies

This affordable, high-quality kit makes growing trays of robust fruits, herbs and vegetables simple, even for first-timers.

For home gardeners wanting soilless success indoors or out, INTBUYING’s commercial hydroponic system is the way to go for bountiful harvests!

VIVOSUN DWC Hydroponics Grow System

Product Overview

Want an easy way to grow big beautiful plants indoors?

Check out VIVOSUN’s DWC hydroponics system! DWC stands for “deep water culture” which means plant roots grow right in nutrient-rich water, not soil.

I’ve used this kit to grow veggies so huge my kids can’t believe they’re real!

The VIVOSUN DWC system includes 4 sturdy 5-gallon buckets with lids and baskets to hold your plants.

A water pump circulates the nutrient solution so roots stay happy.

And an air pump with air stones gives them plenty of bubbles.

You even get drip irrigation tops to automatically feed the plants from above.

With this DWC hydro kit, I’ve grown monster tomatoes, enormous cucumbers and huge heads of lettuce in my basement.

The plants grow so fast with their roots fully immersed in nutrients and oxygen.

And I barely have to lift a finger!

Keep reading to learn why VIVOSUN’s deep water culture system helps both beginners and experts grow their biggest, best crops yet.


The complete VIVOSUN DWC Deep Water Culture hydroponics system includes:

  • 4 x 5-gallon plastic buckets with lids
  • 4 x 8″ net pots to hold plants
  • 4 x drip irrigation ring assemblies
  • 1 x 15W air pump
  • 4 x air flow control valves
  • 4 x air stones for oxygenation
  • 12 meters of air tubing
  • 1 x water flow divider
  • 4 x packs of clay growing media
  • 4 x water level indicators
  • 1 x check valve
  • Comprehensive instructions

With 4 independent buckets, you can grow a high volume and variety of fruits, veggies, flowers and more. Just add your seedlings and a nutrient reservoir to get growing!

Key Features

These are the best parts about using the VIVOSUN DWC hydro system:

  • 5-gallon buckets – Lots of room for plant roots to thrive.
  • Drip irrigation rings – Automatically water roots from above.
  • Oxygenating air pump – Provides maximum bubbles and aeration.
  • Independent buckets – Customize nutrients or plants.
  • Complete kit – Has all needed parts and accessories.
  • Expandable design – Add more buckets for bigger harvests.

With VIVOSUN’s deep water culture kit, even newbies like me can cultivate monster plants that astound your friends!

Pros and Cons

As an avid VIVOSUN DWC user, I’ve found these PROS:

  • Large 5-gallon buckets for big plants
  • Drip irrigation feeds plants automatically
  • Air pump and stones give ample oxygen
  • Customize each bucket’s plants or nutrients
  • Quality parts and accessories included
  • Thorough instructions for setup
  • Yields huge fruits and veggies
  • Easy to use and maintain

The only CONS are:

  • Buckets take up floor space
  • Must buy nutrient solution and growing media

However, the incredible results I get with this deep water culture system far outweigh those minor cons. VIVOSUN makes hydroponics foolproof even for beginners!

Customer Insights

Looking at other gardeners’ reviews of the VIVOSUN DWC system, these are common comments:

“My tomatoes grew over 3 feet tall in this setup!”

“Lettuce and herbs grew incredibly fast and healthy.”

“It’s simple to monitor the pH and nutrient levels.”

“The kit has everything I needed to get started.”

“I’m blown away by the size of plants I can grow indoors now.”

Most agree this affordable hydroponic system yields very impressive results even for first-time hydro growers.

VIVOSUN’s DWC kit makes it easy to cultivate gigantic fruits and veggies indoors.

What’s the flaw? Is it a dealbreaker?

A couple minor drawbacks are the floor space required for the bucket system, and buying some accessories separately like nutrients and growing media.

However, the buckets can be placed on shelves or stacked to save space.

And the extra supplies are easily purchased.

Given how productive the system is and how beginner-friendly the design is, these flaws are not dealbreakers.

For the performance and quality it delivers, VIVOSUN’s deep water culture hydroponics kit is a tremendous value for indoor gardeners.

What’s best for this product?

The VIVOSUN DWC Deep Water Culture System is ideal for:

  • Beginners – Complete kit and easy instructions
  • Indoor gardeners – Compact and expandable
  • Vegetable growers – Grow huge produce
  • Herb enthusiasts – Cultivate abundant herbs
  • Hobbyists on a budget – Affordable hydroponics
  • Anyone wanting organic homegrown food

With minimal effort, this DWC system produces incredibly fast growth and huge yields.

For home gardeners seeking an foolproof hydroponic setup that takes your fruits, veggies and herbs to the next level, VIVOSUN’s deep water culture kit is sure to impress!

DUESI 12Pods Hydroponics Growing System

Product Overview

Want a simple way to grow a ton of fresh fruits and veggies at home?

Let me tell you about the DUESI 12Pods hydroponics system!

Hydroponics means growing plants without soil, just water and nutrients.

And the DUESI system makes it so easy.

It uses 12 connected plastic pods that you fill with growing media like clay pebbles.

Just add seedlings, nutrients and water – then watch your plants thrive! The water circulates through all the pods, giving roots constant moisture and food.

And air tubes oxygenate the water for happy roots.

With this hydroponics kit, I’ve grown the most luscious lettuces and tastiest tomatoes right on my patio.

And I barely lift a finger – the system does all the work!

Keep reading to learn why DUESI’s 12Pods hydro kit is perfect for newbie gardeners who want homegrown goodness with no fuss.


The complete DUESI 12Pods Hydroponics System includes:

  • 12 connected 8″ plastic growing pods
  • 1 water pump to circulate nutrients
  • 12 soft black growing net pots
  • 1 air pump with 12 air tubes
  • 3 meters of flexible tubing
  • 12 pod lids with slots for plants
  • 1 electric timer for the water pump
  • Comprehensive instructions

With 12 grow sites, this compact hydro system let’s you cultivate a variety of edibles in a small space. Just add your own nutrients and growing media to get started!

Key Features

Here’s what I love about the DUESI 12Pod hydroponic kit:

  • 12 growing pods – Cultivate a variety of fruits, veggies and herbs.
  • Water circulation pump – Keeps nutrient solution flowing to roots.
  • Air pump and stones – Oxygenates the water for healthy roots.
  • Electric timer – Automates the water pump on/off times.
  • Compact size – Fits easily on patios or countertops.
  • Easy to use – Perfect for first-time hydro gardeners.

With the DUESI system, I can now grow trays of the most delicious homegrown produce with minimal effort. Hydroponics made simple!

Pros and Cons

Based on using this hydroponic system, the main PROS are:

  • 12 growing pods in a compact design
  • Water pump circulates nutrients
  • Air pump provides ample oxygenation
  • Electric timer automates watering schedule
  • Great kit for beginners and hobbyists
  • Grows herbs, veggies, fruits, and more
  • Takes the work out of gardening
  • Simple to set up and use

The only CONS to mention:

  • Smaller capacity than some systems
  • Must purchase some accessories separately

But the pros far outweigh those minor cons. For an affordable price, the DUESI 12Pod kit delivers outstanding quality and makes home hydroponic gardening foolproof!

Customer Insights

Looking at other buyers’ reviews, these are common comments:

“It was so easy to get set up and growing!”

“Herbs and lettuces thrived in this system.”

“The timer makes operation completely automated.”

“A great hydroponics kit for beginners like me.”

“So fun to grow tons of plants in small spaces.”

Users agree this simple hydroponic system is perfect for starting indoor edible gardens.

DUESI’s 12Pod kit makes homegrown produce easily achievable for novice gardeners.

What’s the flaw? Is it a dealbreaker?

A couple minor issues are the smaller 12-pod capacity, and buying some parts like nutrients and grow media separately.

However, 12 plants is still a robust harvest, and the extra supplies are readily available.

Given the affordable price and outstanding ease of use, these small flaws are definitely not dealbreakers.

The DUESI 12Pod Hydroponics System delivers tremendous value for anyone seeking productive, hassle-free home gardening.

What’s best for this product?

The DUESI 12Pod Hydroponics System is ideal for:

  • Beginner gardeners – Simple pre-assembled kit
  • Home growers with limited space – Compact footprint
  • Cooks wanting fresh herbs/veggies – Grow your own!
  • Hobbyists and urban farmers – Reasonable cost
  • Anyone seeking organic homegrown food – No soil required

With minimal work, the DUESI hydro system lets you grow trays of robust, flavorful fruits, veggies and herbs.

For indoor gardeners who want ease and abundance without soil, DUESI’s 12Pod hydroponic kit is the way to go for homegrown goodness!

User-Focused Hydroponic Systems: Ebb & Flow, DWC, Aeroponics, Drip

Best Commercial Hydroponic Kits 2

Looking to dip your toes into hydroponics? With so many system options, it can be tricky to choose.

As a longtime gardening geek, let me walk you through the most user-friendly systems for home hydroponic growing.

For starters, ebb and flow systems are super simple to operate.

Just fill the reservoir periodically and let the water flow up to nourish plants before draining back down.

Easy peasy!

If you like getting up close to those roots, deep water culture is the way to go.

With roots fully immersed in water, your plants will thrive with just the right balance of nutrients and oxygenation.

Feeling scientific? Try aeroponics for ultra-efficient nutrient delivery via a mist.

Though maintaining the right pressure takes more precision.

And you can’t go wrong with drip irrigation systems that feed each plant site automatically.

Set the timer and let the drips do their thing!

There are so many options to explore.

But for home growers who want convenience, start with these user-focused hydroponic systems.

Your plants will be happy, and so will you!

Hydroponic System FAQs for Commercial Growers

Got questions before setting up your first commercial hydroponic farm? As a hydroponics specialist, let me tackle some common FAQs.

What crops grow best hydroponically?

Leafy greens like lettuce, spinach, kale, arugula, and herbs thrive in hydroponic systems.

Tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, strawberries, and other fruiting crops also prosper with proper nutrients and care.

Even root crops like potatoes or radishes can grow well hydroponically.

The key is providing optimal conditions for each crop’s needs.

What nutrients do plants need?

Master blend nutrient solutions contain the essential macronutrients plants need: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (NPK).

They also include secondary nutrients like calcium, magnesium, and sulfur.

The optimal levels vary by plant type, growth stage, and system parameters.

Work closely with an expert to develop custom nutrient recipes tailored to your crops.

How much water do systems require?

Water needs depend on system size, pump flow rates, evaporation loss, and other factors.

Ensure your water supply and equipment can deliver adequate flow for normal operation, reservoir changes, and flushing.

Oversizing your water capacity provides a safety buffer.

Monitor usage to anticipate seasonal or production fluctuations.

What about energy needs?

Lighting, pumps, and environmental controls require significant electricity.

Audit lighting wattages, equipment ratings, and duty cycles to calculate potential peak concurrent loads.

Oversizing electrical capacity prevents tripping breakers during critical times like hot summer days.

Backup power may be wise for essential operations during outages.

What’s the best system design?

The optimal system depends on your business goals, space, crop selection, labor, budget, and other resources.

PE film-covered troughs work well for large leafy greens operations with ample land.

Vertical stacked systems maximize yield for space-constrained urban farms.

Matching system capabilities and complexity to your operational strengths is key.

How much maintenance is needed?

Daily monitoring, testing, and upkeep are essential in hydroponics.

Nutrient levels, pH, dissolved oxygen, flow rates, leaks, and other factors require diligent management for healthy crops.

Enlist qualified staff to provide consistent, attentive care.

Hydroponics rewards growers who stay on top of operations.

What are common issues to watch for?

pH fluctuations, nutrient depletion, clogged emitters, pump failures, leaks, power outages, and pest infiltrations are among the top concerns.

Root rot, mold, and insufficient oxygenation also occur if problems go unaddressed.

Meticulous monitoring and preventative maintenance will help avoid most pitfalls.


So there you have it – the top commercial hydroponic kits to turn your indoor space into a gardener’s paradise.

No more tiny tomatoes or limp lettuce!

With these complete kits, you’ll enjoy huge homegrown harvests and scrumptious salads all year round.

I hope my personal hydroponic journey has shown you how fun and rewarding it can be to take your gardening skills to the next level.

The kits on this list make it so easy to get started.

Pick the one that fits your space and budget.

Then get ready to grow epic edibles and impress all your friends!

Don’t let another growing season go by without lush, hydroponically grown plants!

Grab one of these kits and join the soil-free gardening revolution.

You won’t believe what you can grow until you try it yourself.

Happy gardening!

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